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  • Dans le tableau qui apparaît, choisis la réponse qui convient!
  • Si ta réponse est mauvaise (= fond rouge), tu peux réessayer.
  • Attention, tu n'as droit qu'à erreurs pour tout l'exercice!
  • En cliquant sur fr, tu verras la traduction française de la phrase.
  • En cliquant sur "Solutions", tu découvriras les bonnes réponses attendues.
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  1. Can you buy pasta? (I'm thinking of the amount we need for tonight.)
  2. We need mushrooms. (I'm not thinking about the amount.)
  3. John drinks coffee every morning. (Coffee, not tea.)
  4. Add water to the soup if it's too thick. (A certain amount of water.)
  5. I really want tea. (Could you get me a cup?)
  6. We could have rice for dinner. (Rice, not pasta.)
  7. I ate bread and two eggs for lunch. (I'm thinking about the amount.)
  8. She bought new furniture. (A certain amount of furniture.)
  9. Did you get carrots? (I'm not thinking about the amount.)
  10. I'd like tea, please! (Tea, not juice or coffee.)
  11. I need salt with my meal. (A certain amount of salt.)
  12. There are books in her bag. (A certain amount of books.)
  13. Ann would like to buy tea for her mother. (I'm not thinking about the amount.)
  14. Can I have orange juice, please? (Orange juice. Not beer.)
  15. Would you like bread? (I'm thinking about the amount.)
  16. I'd like cheese and a glass of soda, please. (Could you get me a slice?)
  17. Let's buy bread for lunch! (I'm thinking about the amount.)
  18. Don't worry! Look! There are big loaves here. (I'm thinking about the amount.)
  19. You seem hungry, do you want biscuits with your tea? (I'm thinking about the amount.)
  20. I'm going to visit interesting places this summer. (A certain amount of books.)
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