____TEST d'ANGLAIS # 1____

You just have to answer the following questions...
Be careful, for there is only one correct answer !

Only minutes left !!!


I am young and I...
14 years old.
I am not...
than my father.
All my friends...
in Annecy.
Every morning I...
am going to school.
will go to school.
go to school.
Yersterday, he...
played with me.
plays with me.
wanted to playing...
This was the new toy she...
given to me.
gives me.
gave me.
They said that it was possible...
What do they say ?
What did they say ?
Why was it possible ?
It is forbidden to smoke...
You can't smoke.
You haven't to smoke.
You mustn't smoke.
I went to school...
on holydays.
I see my old grandmother...
every Sundays.
on Sundays.
on every Sundays.
Her house is...
as nice than ours...
more nice than ours...
nicer than ours...
and her dog is...
the bigger I've ever seen !
the biggest I've ever seen !
the most big I've ever seen !
I've been playing tennis
for 1995.
during 1986.
since 1999.
Hall wrote this book.
This is a book by Hall.
This is a book from Hall.
This is a book about Hall.
I like his books.
Neither do I.
So do I.
Me too.

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