Mettez les phrases suivantes au 'past simple'!
Voir mes erreurs

  1. She (bring) some chocolates to the party.
  2. I (hear) a new song on the radio.
  3. I (read) three books last week.
  4. They (speak) French to the waitress.
  5. He (understand) during the class, but now he doesn't understand.
  6. I (forget) to buy some milk.
  7. She (have) a baby in June.
  8. You (lose) your keys last week.
  9. They (swim) 500m.
  10. I (give) my mother a CD for Christmas.
  11. At the age of 23, she (become) a doctor.
  12. I (know) the answer yesterday.
  13. He (tell) me that he lived in Toronto.
  14. We (lend) John £200.
  15. She (drink) too much coffee yesterday.
  16. The children (sleep) in the car.
  17. He (keep) his promise.
  18. I (choose) the steak for dinner.
  19. The film (begin) late.
  20. We (fly) to Sydney.
  21. They (drive) to Beijing.
  22. He (teach) English at the University.
  23. I (send) you an e-mail earlier.
  24. We (leave) the house at 7 am.
  25. He (feel) terrible after eating the prawns.
  26. I (come) to England in 1993.
  27. She (stand) under the tree to shelter from the rain.
  28. They (do) their homework yesterday.
  29. We (sing) too much last night.I have a sore throat!
  30. He already (eat) all the cake.
  31. The child (fall) off his bicycle.
  32. It (take) three hours to drive to Paris.
  33. I (find) your keys under the table.
  34. She (get) a new bike for her birthday.
  35. She (sell) her house last year.
  36. We (go) to New York in January.
  37. Finally, my mother (let) me go to a party.
  38. It (be) cold last night.
  39. I (meet) John at the weekend.
  40. Lucy (pay) the bill, before leaving the restaurant.
  41. We (see) the new film yesterday.
  42. She (wear) her new coat to the party.
  43. I (think) my football team would win.
  44. They (put) their bags in the bedroom.
  45. Billy (run) after the bus.
  46. She (say) that she would come later.
  47. I (buy) some books this morning.
  48. We (make) a cake, it was delicious.
  49. He (sit) on the old chair, and it broke.
  50. They (write) a letter to their parents.
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