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Its time you brush up your memories, or check out for yourself how much you really know about Halloween. We bring to you a short and sweet “Halloween Quiz”. If you are bang on target in the fast attempt, you’ll be credited with a point. If you are incorrect, then try out the other options to learn the correct answer. Anything above 12 points is good! Best of Luck!

Correct on first try

Answer the questions below.

(1) Halloween is celebrated every :

(2) Which terrible creature is also known as lycanthrope?

(3) Another name for Halloween is:

(4) The Romans called Halloween "Pomona Day". Who or what was Pomona?

(5) Before they happened upon the pumpkin, the Irish carved jack o' lanterns out of what?

(6) How much did the world's largest pumpkin weigh?

(7) According to The Phobia List, which phobia is the fear of Halloween:

(8) A male witch is known as a :

(9) The first Halloween greetings card was made in :

(10) This custom began as a way to find out who will get married first!

(11) What does the Old English word "hallow" mean?

(12) People in which country celebrate their culture's Halloween by eating candy skulls?

(13) A popular Halloween drink in the 18th century Ireland was called "Lamb's Wool". It was made with roasted, crushed ___ and milk.

(14) Which one of the following people passed away on Halloween?

(15) In what year can we expect to have a full moon on Halloween night?

(16) Pumpkins grow on

(17) The Celts celebrated their new year on

(18) The name given to a group of witches is:

(19) What priests first celebrated what we've come to know as Halloween?

(20) At Halloween parties, guests traditionally "bob" for :